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Founded in 1986 SISMA® - Sá Couto & Monteiro, SA is focused on the provision of CNC machining services to several industries.

The first years of the company were mainly devoted to a selected network of long-term partnerships in the fields of home appliances, gas valves and hydraulic acessories.
Ever since, the continuous investment in the latest technology expanded our capability and increased our capacity. Currently the company stands out in the provision of parts and components to medical, aerospace, optical and mechanical applications.

In the beginning of the 20th century the company got certified on ISO 9001 quality standard. Later on 2012 our environmental protection concerns have led to environmental certification (ISO 14001). ISO 13485 certification was achieved in year 2015, right after the launch of a new high-demanding project – SISMA Medical. At this time the company undertook in a business area with highly controllable and stable processes along with specialized know-how for the manufacturing of medical devices. SISMA is also trusted by the aerospace industry. EN 9100 is now in implementation phase.

Because we are always challenging to exceed our capabilities we’ve recently expanded our facilities to over 5000 m2 of sustainable environmental solutions. SISMA is proud of offering over 30 years of long-standing expertise in precision machining.
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  • Medical Industry
  • Aeronautics Industry
  • Food Industry
  • House Appliances
  • Machines and Electrical
  • Precision Engineering


  • Precision Engineering
  • House Appliances
  • Machines and Electrical


  • Hospitalar Components
  • Precision Engineering


  • Medical Industry
  • Optical Industry
  • Machines and Electrical
  • Precision Engineering


  • Medical Industry
  • Machines and Electrical
  • Precision Engineering


  • Automotive Industry
  • Precision Engineering

% Turnover

  • France
  • Sweeden
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • 97%

& Commitment

SISMA is daily committed with overcoming customer expectations through continuous improvement and compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. We take the delivery of a competitive high quality product/service, timely produced as a top priority for the establishment of long-last partnerships.

Our mission is to elevate SISMA to a leading international position on the provision of CNC machining services.

For this purpose SISMA is always investing on technological improvements and staking on qualified, motivated and properly trained human resources. We promote a conscious risk base thinking for quality and environment among all employees . We build up our days based on trust, flexibility, quality, competence, competitiveness, respect for the community and environment protection. We stake on strict quality, quick responsiveness and we are constantly pursuing process optimization.
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SISMA’s history has been driven by a series of technological innovations which have brought competitiveness in a broad spectrum of markets. We are always seeking to create innovative processes, services, tools and techniques to achieve a leadership position, optimize internal management and be versatile.

Our development efforts have been focused on pursuing new technologies and encouraging our employees to challenge themselves on a daily basis with searching for new ideas. Our innovative projects rely on themes with impact on the most demanding industries like the medical and aerospace. We strive to develop and implement new processes to achieve higher speeds and respond shortly and effectively to our customer needs.

Since we believe external collaboration is extremely important to achieve new breakthroughs we also preserve close relationships with highly reputable academic partners.
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