Precision in every detail
Swiss Turning
Machines up to 12 axis

Capacity to work pieces from
from Ø1 up to Ø38 (mm)
<1mm under request

Machines up to 11 axis

Capacity to work pieces
up to Ø80 mm

Machines up to 5 axis

Capacity to work pieces
up to 600 x 400 x 500 mm

More technologies


CAD-CAM technology is used to achieve high precision complex shapes fast. With CAD-CAM systems we are able to simulate the best strategy to produce your parts and give you the most responsive machining service. For the medical sector we use CAD/CAM to develop patient customized solutions. Our constant investment in the latest technology enables us to produce high volume complex parts to the last detail with a faster turnover.
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sisma-quality-control-01 sisma-quality-control-01 sisma-quality-control-01 sisma-quality-control-01

Quality Control

SISMA is committed to a strict quality control. The ever-increased level of exigence of our customers promotes a continuous investment on further accurate measuring equipment. We carefully inspect your products with modern 3D measuring machines (CMM) (equipped with probes, cameras, and rotatory tables) and also stereoscopic or video measuring microscopes to evaluate all technical aspects. All SISMA measuring equipment are calibrated periodically to provide results liability.

To ensure product and sensitive equipment are properly handled SISMA has implemented independent infrastructures to shelter inspection, labelling and packaging. These controlled units ensure stable inspections as well as an organized logistics to ship your product safely. We also seek to meet individual delivery and packaging requirements and find the most economical and sustainable solution.
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sisma-finishing-and-cleaning-01 sisma-finishing-and-cleaning-01 sisma-finishing-and-cleaning-01

& Cleaning

At SISMA you can have your parts remarkably finished through vibration or sandblasting after properly washed. No residual cutting fluids or washing liquid will be present in your pieces or released to the environment.
All parts are washed with modified alcohol entirely under vacuum.
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Sisma-Environment-Protection-01 Sisma-Environment-Protection-01 Sisma-Environment-Protection-01


SISMA is certified according to ISO 14001 since 2012 and has been continuously improving environment protection and preservation through implementation of several sustainable practices like the use of rainwater for industrial purposes instead of network water, energy saving through photovoltaic panels, a close circulation of cutting fluids (reuse) and scrap compacting procedures.
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Engineering Support

SISMA has the capability to provide you design and process performance improvements. With our team expertise and machining experience we are able to analyze your drawings and advise you on requirements to improve quality, productivity and reduce the cost of your product.

We employ a wide range of resources and tools like reverse engineering and parts prototyping to provide you some insights on the appropriate materials, machining process and quality assurance to help you get your project completed. We work in a partnership basis with our customers always seeking to overcome their expectations. Apart of complying with all your specifications we’re concerned about your times, costs and product performance.

This creates trust which is the most important value in business according to our vision.
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Stainless Steel

  • AISI 630 | 1.4542
  • AISI 630 | 1.4418
  • AISI 420 | 1.4029
  • AISI 316 | 1.4401
  • AISI 304 | 1.4301
  • AISI 303 | 1.4305
  • XM34 | 1.4114
  • AISI 430F| 1.4104
  • AISI 431 | 1.4057

Carbon Steel

  • 1.0032
  • 1.0038
  • 1.2311
  • 1.2738
  • 1.2210
  • 1.0503
  • 1.0035
  • 1.0050


  • EN AW 5019 | AlMg5
  • EN AW 6082 | AlMgSi1
  • EN AW 7075 | AlZn5.5MgCu
  • EN AW 2017 | AlCu4MgSi


  • Ti Grade 2/4 (ASTM F67)
  • Ti-6Al-4V (ASTM F136)

Brass Alloys

  • 2.0410 | CuZn43Pb2
  • 2.0380 | CuZn39Pb2
  • 2.0401 | CuZn39Pb3
  • 2.0250 | CuZn20
  • 2.0280 | CuZn33


  • Zirconium
  • PEEK
  • POM
  • Cobalt-Chromium


SISMA®Medical is a branch of SISMA® dedicated to the provision of high precision CNC machining services for the manufacturing of medical devices. At SISMA the medical industry relies on dental and orthopedic applications. For the dental sector we produce dental implants and all associated clinical and laboratory prosthetic components. In orthopedics, SISMA is a recognized partner for the provision of mechanized solutions such as bone fixation plates and orthopedic screws. In order to keep our technology up to date with the state-of-art medical solutions, SISMA has also a dedicated division to produce customized medical devices (CAD-CAM) such as bars over implants, crowns, bridges, customized abutments and other complex shape dental/orthopedic restorations in titanium, cobalt-chrome, PEEK and zirconia. SISMA Medical is ISO 13485 certified for the scope of provision of CNC machining contract manufacture of non active medical devices parts and components.
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The aerospace industry relies on the machining of high precise aerospace components. Compliance with exacting micro tolerances is mandatory. First article and 100% finish inspections are performed at each production batch. Owing our highly experienced machinists and strict quality controls we ensure on time delivery of your complex parts. EN 9100 is in implementation phase.
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Highlighted in quality by industry leaders we produce components to be assembled in optical devices with a perfect fit and a remarkable surface finishing. Due to our large flexibility and recognized quality we produce high volumes of more than 500 different optical components. From medium to high volume productions, compliance with all customer specifications is our primary concern. 100 % in-process and finish inspections are always conducted to ensure product quality.
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Over 30 years of skilled engineers and experienced operators focused on customer satisfaction together with a permanent investment on the forefront technology led to long-lasting partnerships in a wide variety of industrial areas: home appliances, food, automotive, electrical, healthcare, etc. All products are manufactured in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standards with the aim of continuous improvement and environment protection.
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